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Churchill Safe Opening Service
Churchill who are based in Bristol have been making safe for a number of years and are most commonly known for there under floor and wall safes.

Some of their models include:

  • Churchill Domestic Underfloor Safe
  • Churchill Collector Underfloor Safe
  • Churchill Olympic Underfloor Safe
  • Churchill Bankers Underfloor Safe
  • Churchill Extra Underfloor Safe
  • Churchill Bulldog Underfloor Safe
  • Churchill Extra Underfloor Safe
  • Churchill Trident Underfloor Safe
  • Churchill Tunstall Underfloor Safe
  • Churchill Vector Underfloor Safe
  • Churchill Chevron Floor Safe

There is an error on the Churchill Safes website spares page as it says:

'If your safe is locked and you have lost all keys then the only way to get access is by a forced entry'

This is totally false as their key locked safes can be picked open, I know they can, becuase I do it. But if you follow their advise and go to a master locksmith company to open it, then the chances are that it will be forced open! The reason that they tell you that it has to be forced open

Churchill Domestic Under Floor Safe - Jammed Shut
When the owner of this Churchill Underfloor safe was putting his valubles in it, he didn't realise that he had over filled it. This caused the safe lid to jamb shut. You can see that the safe lid handle has been pulled of and also strike marks on the lid where he had hit it with a hammer trying to free it. When he realised that he was not going to be able to open it, he called safecracker. Safecracker attended and using specialist equipment was able to identify what was causing the jamb. A couple of minutes later the safe was open. Safecracker then repaired the safe replacing the handle so it was back in full working order. If you have a safe that you can not open, call safecracker the professional safe opening service.

Churchill Underfloor Safe Opening

Churchill Domestic Under Floor Safe - Picked Open
When the owner of this Churchill Domestic under floor safe could not find the keys to open it, he did not follow the Churchill Safe's website advice. Instad he called safecracker. I attended and picked open his Churchill under floor safe for him using a basic 2 in 1 hobbs pick as shown in the photo below. Safecracker then re-keyed it back to full working order with NO forced entry what so ever. If you need a Churchill under floor safe or any safe opened call safecracker. The professional safe opening service.

Churchill Domestic Under Floor Safe opening


Churchill Under Floor Safe - Damaged During Burglary
When the owner of this Churchill Under floor safe returned home, he heard noises coming from upstairs and realised that he was being burgled. He called the police and even chased the burglar when he tried to escape. The burglar was arrested by the police. On checking his Churchill safe he found that an attempt to force the lock had been made and that the safe no longer opened. He telephoned safecracker. We attended and opened his Churchill under floor safe for him. If you need any safe opened call safecracker

Churchill Underfloor Safe


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