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Safe Cracker is a branch of E3 locks who have designed and marketed a number of non destructive lock picks decoders, safe manipulation and training tools for the locksmith and safe engineer trade.

Union, Yale and Chubb Decoder and Make-Up Key:

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This tools is for the Chubb 3U114, Union 2134 and Yale BS range of locks. Using a plasticine reading key or a scope the heights of the levers can easily be determined. A full key is then assembled and used to open the lock. A new customer key can also be cut from it. All the bits are also radiused acros the top allowing a true key to be cut.

  • For easy identification, all bits are numbered.
  • Eliminates the chance of pins damaging levers bellies or getting the key stuck in the lock
  • This kit can also be used for cutting keys on site. Ideal for when you re-leaver a lock.


Chub Union Yale Decoder

Price: £175.00

An impression reading is shown below:

Union Lever Readings

Product Video - Although this show the system working on an Asec lock it is the same as for the Chubb/Union/Yale.

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